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2884138007_9c430e5907_z Red Wine: How to Tell the Good From the Bad When a waiter offers a tiny sip of wine for your initial perusal, we know this is our cue to find out if it is “off”, or to use the technical term, corked. This is generally used to mean that the wine has gone bad,
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30aTV_large Wine Oh TV is pleased to announce a partnership with Florida based 30a Television. 30a TV will add Wine Oh TV to the lineup of interesting original programming both online and on 30a TV Roku Web TV distribution. 30a.TV is a leading provider of hyperlocal TV programming, broadcasting to 155,000 homes and businesses airing on
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Wine Oh TV Livermore SFCWC Livermore wines were shining at the 2013 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Public Tasting last weekend.  One peak out the back door of the Pavillion at Fort Mason would have given you a view of the sun, waves, and white sails fluttering in the wind. Luckily, if you had a glass of fine wine in
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RED_OBSESSION_press_pic01©2012_Lion_Rock_Films_Pty_Ltd Russell Crowe Narrates Wine Documentary “Red Obsession,” a new wine documentary produced by Warwick Ross and David Roach, and narrated by Russell Crowe, brings the wine world’s biggest names to the big screen and explores the growing Chinese obsession with Bordeaux wines. I had the opportunity to screen the 75 minute film which features an appearance by filmmaker and winemaker Francis Ford
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Wine Oh TV Bordeaux 2010 With over 100 Bordeaux wines to taste I was like a kid in a candy store or better yet a Wine Oh at a 2010 Bordeaux wine tasting last month when Bordeaux’s most renowned estates showcased their 2010 vintage at the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux (UGC) at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco.
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images Exceptional Pinot Noir producers all in one place, that’s the mission of the World of Pinot Noir and what you will find at their annual event the first weekend in March. The event brings together Pinot Noir producers from the most exceptional and unique regions in the world with Pinot Noir wine enthusiasts for a