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Maz Jobrani Wine I Like This Grape Goes Wine Tasting with Maz Jobrani Jimmy Vestvood I wanted to share this comedy video produced by our friends at I LIKE THIS GRAPE and featuring Maz Jobrani. I have had the opportunity to interview Maz a few times throughout my reporting career. Maz is hilarious but more importantly, he’s a
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image credit: Pixabay The Best Places for Wine Wednesdays in Las Vegas
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Duskie Estes The Good Life Sonoma Chefs Make Food that Makes a Difference Farm-to-table phenomenons, Duskie Estes and John Stewart, first set up shop in Sonoma 15 years ago, long before snout-to- tail rolled off the tongue. In 2001, they opened ZAZU restaurant + farm, right in the heart of the cornucopia of California. Together these chefs turned farmers are
CATEGORY: Travel & Lifestyle, Videos   |   DATE: January 27th, 2015
Ferrari Matteo_Camilla_Alessandro_Marcello_Lunelli It’s Full Speed Ahead for the Family Behind Ferrari Wine Meet the most influential family in Italian sparkling wine. Matteo, Marcello, Camilla, and Alessandro are the third generation of the Lunelli family to run Ferrari winery since Giulio Ferrari passed the reigns Bruno Lunelli in 1952. Well over 100 years later, Ferrari wine is the oldest,
CATEGORY: Travel & Lifestyle, Videos   |   DATE: January 13th, 2015
Loire Valley Wine Chinon Loire Valley Wine Holds Court Recently named one of the 10 Best Wine Travel Destinations of 2015 by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, the Loire Valley Wine Region is a wine lover’s dream destination. With its affordable wine, magnificent chateaux, and draw dropping scenery happily ever after comes easily in the heart of France. In this video,
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Loire Valley Wine Loire Valley Wine Holds Court Less than two hours from Paris, France and about 200 miles long the Loire Valley is a massive winemaking region. The wines of France’s most diverse wine region are as different as they are delicious. In this video, our wine travels take us on an educational adventure into the Loire