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Monique Soltani Peter Mondavi Sr Peter Mondavi, Sr., Passes away at 101. Mr. Peter Mondavi, Sr. was one of my favorite interviews. Here are three of them.
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ZAP Zinfandel Zinfandel Advocates & Producers (ZAP) is setting the stage for the Silver Anniversary of Zinfandel Experience 2016, affectionately known as ZinEx. This highly anticipated, annual three-day extravaganza of tastings features illustrious culinary partners, seminars, and once-in-a-lifetime winemaker dinners. With a special nod to its quarter century status as the educational resource behind “America’s Heritage Grape,”
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Duskie Estes The Good Life Sonoma Chefs Make Food that Makes a Difference Farm-to-table phenomenons, Duskie Estes and John Stewart, first set up shop in Sonoma 15 years ago, long before snout-to- tail rolled off the tongue. In 2001, they opened ZAZU restaurant + farm, right in the heart of the cornucopia of California. Together these chefs turned farmers are
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San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition The results are in for the largest competition of American wines in the world! The 2016 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition received 7,162 entries this year.
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Red wine next to the Christmas tree in front of the fireplace. 'Tis the Season of switching things up! We've got the Ultimate Winemaker Approved Holiday Wine Pairings & Recipe Roundup.
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The Taste Awards Wine OH TV They like me, they really like me! 🙂 I just found out Wine Oh TV is a finalist for THREE The TASTE AWARDS: Best Drink or Beverage Program: Web, Best Single Topic Series, and Best City or Regional Program. The TASTE AWARDS are the highest awards for the Lifestyle Entertainment Broadcast Industry. I had no